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€ 35,-

Bright Tangerine Misfit ATOM Clamp Kit

enthaltenes Zubehör:

4''x5.65''- Mattebox 
114m Clamp, Shade 
A.R.F. Bracket (Anti-Reflective Tilt Bracket)
15mm LWS Bracket Connector 
15mm LWS Bracket
Top Flag
58mm to 114mm Black Hole Mini Rubber Donut
Clamp on Adapter in Ø80mm, 95mm, 85mm

€ 70,-

ARRI LMB 4x5 Pro Set

enthaltenes Zubehör:

LMB 4x5 Basic Module (K2.0013589)
LMB 4x5 15mm LWS Console (K2.0013427)
LMB Accessory Adapter (K2.0013014)
LMB 4x5 Extra Rotatable Filter Stage (K.0013460)
LMB 4x5 Extra Non-Rotatable Filter Stage (K2.0014006)
LMB 4x5 Swing Away Tilt Module (K2.0013447)
LMB 4x5 Top Bottom Flag (K2.0013724)
LMB 4x5 Side Flags (K2.0013750)
2x LMB 4x5 Flag Holders (K2.0013825)
LMB 4x5 Tilt and Flex Adapter (K2.0014206)
LMB-25 Set of Mattes (K2.0000069)
LMB-25 Set of Mattes anamorphic (K2.0007992)

Clamp on Adapter in Ø 80mm, 85mm, 87mm, 95mm, 100mm, 104mm, 110mm, 114mm, 125mm, 134mm, 136mm, 143mm und 162mm

€ 40,-

ARRI Mattebox LMB-25

enthaltenes Zubehör:
2-filter stage guide K2.66176.0
3-filter stage guide K2.66175.0
Filter Frame Combo 4"x5,65"/4"x4" (3x) K2.66133.0
Top/Bottom Flag K2.47244.0
Tray Catcher K2.66202.0
3/8" Accessory Shoe K2.66178.0
Top/Bottom Flag Holder K2.66179.0
5 Masken für LMB-25 K2.66022.0

Clamp On Adapter in Ø 80mm, 85mm, 87mm, 95mm, 104mm, 110mm, 114mm, 125mm, 134mm, 136mm und 143mm

€ 5,-

ARRI Diopter Frame 138mm LMB

€ 20,-

ARRI LMB Diopter Stage 138mm

€ 35,-

ARRI Mattebox MMB-2 Set

enthaltenes Zubehör:
MMB-2 Double K2.66169.0
MMB-2 LWS Console K2.66127.0
2 Filter Frames 4x5,65/4x4 K2.66133.0
Topflag K2.66093.0
Flag Left K2.66150.0
Flag Right K2.66148.0
Flex Donut K2.66161.0
Clamp-on Adapter 114-104 K2.66146.0
Still-lens Adapter 77 K2.66136.0
Still-lens A1:J14 82 K2.66139.0
Klemmringe f. MMB-2 (80,87,95,104,110) KK.0005785

€ 30,-

Mattebox Vocas MB-250 Set

inkl. Vocas MBS-100 LWS Support