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Lens Control

€ 250,00,-

CineRT Focus Bug Set neu!

Ultrasonic Distance Measurement System for use with Miniature Transmitters.

Set Contains:
1x Ultrasonic Base Sensor UBS-100 with Mounting Bracket and Horn-Protector

1x Handset Control Unit HSU-100 with Mounting Bracket

1x High Bright LED Display HBD-100 with Mounting Bracket

1x Bug Miniature Transmitter BUG-100

1x LCube + Bracket

1x Noga Mini Magic-Arm

1x Case

Various Cables for Power, Data and Charging


optionally available:

second Bug Miniature Transmitter BUG-100

various Cables for Power and Data

various Mounting Brackets

€ 250,-

Qinematiq Smart Ranger 2 neu!

Ultrasonic distance measurment tool with two radio tags to enable focus pullers to acuratly measure various actors/cars/moving objects.

Due to the tags being radio tags this system is very good for car to car shoots and actors being tracked behind glass.

Measurment Range from 20cm to 80m and various mode options to enable you to finetune the measurement Output you are seeing on your focus handunit.

im Set enthalten:
1x Qinematiq Smartranger + 1x mounting bracket
1x Samsung Smartwatch
1x Arri Lcube CUB-1
2x Smart Ranger Tag

various cables available depending on use case/camera setup

1x Case

€ 320,-


Wireless Camera & Multi-Axis Lens Control Hand Unit

im Set enthalten:
1x ARRI Hi-5 Hand Unit
1x Cforce Motor

various cables available depending on use case/camera setup

1x Case

€ 150,-

Arri UDM-1

Ultrasonic distance measurment tool for focus pullers.

im Set enthalten:
1x Arri UDM-1 Sensor Unit + 1x Lenzcameratools compact mounting bracket
1x Arri UDM-1 Display Unit
1x Arri LCUB-1
1x Cmotion Cdistance Panel + Mounting and Cables for use on WCU4/Cmotion Cvolution

various cables available depending on use case/camera setup

1x Case

€ 110,-

Cmotion pan-bar zoom

Small motor controller that can be mounted on panbars e.g. and control one axis of an lbus based system. (zoomaxis control e.g.)


im Set enthalten:
1x cvolution pan-bar zoom (C0E5-K34)
1x Arri Cforce Mini Motor (K2.0006354)
1x Kabel LBUS LCB-A (K2.0006751)
1x Kabel DTap to LBUS

€ 300,-

Arri WCU-4 Set

im Set enthalten:
1x Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 K2.72103.0
7x Focus Ring (5x Pre-Marked: 0.2/0.25/0.35/0.5/1)
1x WCU-4 Plate K2.0006501
1x WCU-4 Monitor Bracket K2.0008271
1x cforce Mini RF + Reduzierer KK.0016804
2x Cable LBUS 30cm LCB-4 K2.0006750
1x Cable CAM auf RS f. Arri Alexa/Amira K2.0015754
1x Cable CAM auf LANC und D-Tap K2.0015757
1x Cable CAM auf D-Tap f. RF motor/cmotion cPRO u. Camin K2.0018813
1x Cable CAM auf RED CTRL/ D-Tap f. RED DSMC2 K2.0015758
1x Cable CAM auf LBUS K2.0015760
1x Arri Lanyard
3x Sony NP-FM500H Akkus
1x Sony BC-QM1 Ladegerät
1x Case

€ 160,-

Arri Master Grip MMR-1

im Set enthalten:
1x Arri Master Grip (K2.0009493)
1x Arri Cforce Mini Motor (K2.0006354)
1x Kabel Amira EXT - LBUS (K2.0012628)
1x Kabel LCB-G 2xWinkel-LBUS (K2.0013040)

€ 260,-

Cmotion Cvolution Set

im Set enthalten:
Cvolution Main Unit mit Slider und Knob
Cvolution Main Unit Zoom
Cfast-Vlock Rosette
3 Cvolution cforce mini inkl. Rod Clamp & 19mm zu 15mm Reducer
CCB-2 6m
Cvolution CLM4 Ritzel Set (4 teilig) mit Werkzeug
LBUS 80cm LCB-1
LBUS 30cm LCB-4
2 LBUS 20cm LCB-3
RSS-7 D-Tap
11 Cvolution Marker Rings
Cvolution Mini Antenne
2 Cvoluton Antennen lang
Charger + 3 Akkus

€ 120,-

Tilta Nucleus-M

im Set enthalten:
Tilta 3-Weg FIZ Handeinheit
2x Handles mit Rec. Funktion & FIZ Control
3x Motor mit eingebauten Empfänger & D-Tap Stromversorgung
Start/Stop Kabel (Arri, Red, Sony Alpha, Panasonic GH-Series,)
10x Markierungsringe
1x Gurt
1x Case

€ 180,-

RT-Motion LensControl Set

im Set enthalten:
Handsender mit Knob + Strap
5 MarkerRings
Receiver + Mountclamp 15mm/19mm
3 Akkus Canon LP-E6 + Ladegerät
2 Motoren 0,8 + Klemme+ 15mm Reduzierer
2 Ritzelset 0,5
2 Motorkabel 60cm
2 Motorkabel Winkelstecker 40cm
RS LANC-4-Pin Hirose Kabel
RS-3-Pol LEMO auf 4-POL Hirose
2 D-Tap Kabel

€ 65,-

Arri Follow Focus FF-5 Set

im Set enthalten:
FF-5 Cine Main Unit K2.65246.0
Focus Knob Standard left K2.65253.0
Focus Knob Standard right K2.47215.0
Ritzel 0.8 6mm breit K2.65259.0
Ritzel 0.8 10mm breit K2.65276.0
BP Adapter 19 mm K2.47629.0
Focus Lever K2.32730.0
Flexible Shaft, short K2.34100.0
11 Marking Disks, flat K2.32701.0
Case K2.44965.0

€ 50,-

Arri Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Set

im Set enthalten:
Base Cine K2.65255.0
Hard Stop Knob K2.65248.0
Marking disc K4.47621.0
0.8 Gear K2.65259.0

€ 40,-

Tilta Follow Focus FF-T03

enthaltenes Zubehör:
Marking Disk
Speed Crank
Focus Whip
Gear 0.8
Gear 0.6
Gear 0.5
5 Flexringe für Foto-Optiken
2 Hardstop Screws

€ 45,-

Canon Focus Demand

inkl. Klemme CR-10

€ 45,-

Canon Zoom Demand ZSD-300M

inkl. Klemme

€ 45,-

Fujinon ZOOM Demand

erhältlich als:
Fujinon EPD-2B
Fujinon EPD-21A-A02
Fujinon EPD-1CA

Klemme MCA-1A oder MCA-7

€ 40,-

Chrosziel Fluid Zoom

inkl. Zoom Pin